EVO know-how is built on two decades of relentlessly pursuing competent well delivery solutions. It’s what we do. Today, next-gen rigs with all their automated capabilities combined with a better industry-wide understanding of geomechanics enable us to drill deeper, and with greater efficiency than ever before. And, in these daunting environments comes a responsibility to apply critical thinking, open communications, emerging technologies and best practices to ensure crew safety while optimizing across the well delivery value chain. That’s why our goal in everything we do is about purposefully engineering solutions that improve performance.

Drilling & Completion Fluids

Drilling and completion fluids are literally the lifeblood of any drilling operation. Selecting the wrong fluid will directly jeopardize successful drilling and completion of a well, as will poor management of the right fluid. Making fluid-related errors can easily multiply overall well costs. With that understanding, one would assume that a lot of attention is given to optimum fluid selection, sourcing, and management. But this is often not the case: few drilling engineers these days have a good understanding of drilling fluid issues and even fluid service company representatives may not be fully familiar with the latest technological advancements or how to effectively implement best practices. This is where EVO Energy Consulting can help, from independent and unbiased assistance in fluid-related tenders to evaluating and selecting the best fluid on the job and getting the most out of your fluids in the field with minimum fluid-related non-productive time.

If you seek to maximize the performance of drilling fluids or want us to show you how to save at least 10-20% of the cost of every mud bill, contact us today.

Borehole Geomechanics

The story is always the same when operators report on their major non-productive time (NPT) events: their top three subsurface hazard-related trouble categories seemingly always include well control incidents, lost circulation occurrences, and borehole instability events. Their individual ranking may change annually, but it is always the “usual suspects” that cost operators tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in trouble cost – one operator up to $50 billion in just one event. There are preventative measures. Even though Mother Earth is unpredictable, presenting an element of irreducible complexity in every drilling operation, it is possible to get a better handle on pore pressure, fracture gradient and optimum mud weight for wellbore stability as well as how to manage ECD properly. EVO tackles the problem holistically, with elements that include rock mechanics testing, state-of-the-art modeling, best practices documentation and knowledge management as well as required technical training to address even the most severe geomechanics challenges. Our proven solutions will help you greatly improve on your current NPT statistics.

If your operation currently suffers from borehole stability challenges or you seek to take preventative measures for future projects, we can help. Contact us today.

Drilling Efficiency Optimization

Truth is most drilling operations are not efficient. Oil and gas production operations and the revenues/profits involved allow a degree of waste complacency in well construction that would probably not be tolerated in any other industry. With non-productive time (NPT) averaging upwards of 30% in offshore operations, and invisible lost time (ILT) trending in the vicinity of 30% as well, there is plenty of opportunity to reduce unit well cost. EVO teaches you how to systematically reduce both NPT and ILT by addressing root-causes of trouble events and eliminating drilling limiters.

EVO’s fit-for-purpose solutions that involve suitable software, best practices and knowledge management capabilities can be configured to fit your culture and workflows, adding real value to your bottom-line. Contact us today.

Real-Time Operations Monitoring & RTOC Design

We are living in the now more than ever, where real-time data, Big Data, and advanced data-analytics are coupled with mind-blowing emerging technologies that offer tremendous upside – decision makers at the operator level recognize the value of data. Still…

  • How to make sense of it all?
  • Where to start?
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of a shotgun approach?
  • How to re-work new, data-driven workflows into stodgy, legacy operations?

Many operators deploy some form of historical look back and/or real-time operation monitoring, some operators even have dedicated real-time operating centers (RTOC’s), but few actually get maximum value from them. In a time where new BSEE rules on offshore real-time monitoring are introduced, let EVO Energy Consulting guide you on how to optimally configure your real-time operations activities and facilities. We have over a decade of experience building RTOC’s and streamlining fit-for-purpose tools and sustainable workflows that add significant value to operations and makes them safer while avoiding the “big brother syndrome” at the same time.

Your operation deserves to maximize today’s real-time capabilities; your operation deserves the expertise EVO brings. Contact us today.

Drilling Automation

Momentum is building for progressive adoption of automation in drilling, cementing, completion and stimulating activities. The case for automation is compelling: more consistent, repeatable performance that minimizes wasted time in well construction and allows rig staff to be taken out of harm’s way. Despite this, companies often fragment automation efforts together. Moreover, the industry remains plagued by very basic problems that are interfering with rapid adoption of automation, such as the continued use of antiquated rig sensors and measurement techniques that deliver data with highly questionable reliability. Developing a comprehensive strategy around automation and adopting useful automation measures can therefore be a daunting task.

At EVO Energy Consulting, we have been part of the recent automation revolution and can help you negotiate the challenges around automation and associated change management. Contact us today.

New Drilling Technology Application

Implementation of new technology can be an enabler, but most companies struggle with change management and adoption of new ways of working. With appreciation of both the technical and the business side, EVO Energy Consulting can help with implementation of new technology, ranging from managed pressure drilling to the latest real-time software tools.

Technical Advice for Legal Cases, Audits, Reviews

Our unique experience and expertise in drilling fluids, cements, well-bore stability, real-time monitoring etc. is well suited to support you in any legal proceedings, audits and technical or business reviews.