About Us

EVO Energy Consulting is a performance-driven, tech-savvy oilfield consulting firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. EVO leads the industry in solving today’s most complex well delivery challenges, where setting benchmarks, customizing intuitive field tests and accessing essential software tools is second nature. The company also specializes in working with you to provide expert advice on selecting and calculating the right drilling systems and processes, managing research and development projects, and activating best practices that truly maximize drilling optimization throughout the well delivery lifecycle.
Our global network of professionals have the training, knowledge, and leadership skills necessary to successfully and safely increase the efficiency of your operation, while adhering to your drilling and completion practices and safety standards. EVO leverages the right subject matter expertise for each job; by first ensuring we understand exactly what you are looking for in terms of experience and skill level, as well as personality. Our goal, our passion is to train your people to achieve and sustain a significant reduction in non-productive time (NPT) and invisible lost time (ILT).